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We’ve designed the Suffolk Village Halls website so hopefully it is as easy to use and intuitive as possible. However if you are unsure of how to use the site please view our helpful pointers below. There are pointers for both users and for registered members.

For Users


Q. How do I search for a village hall?

A. Simply type in a post code or place name into the search bar along the top and then click the search button. On doing this you will be presented with a map of the nearest village halls on the system to the location you searched for. From here you can either click on the hall name on the right hand side, or click on the point on the map and then click on the hall name.

Q. Is it better to search by place name or post code?

A. The system functions better if you search by post code, but you can still search by place name, but please be aware that if you do use village or place name then you may get entires from other parts in the country.

Q. What can i do if i search for a village but the map shows me details of another place name in the UK?

A. We would suggest that if you know the post code then to use that but otherwise try a nearby village. For example if you are looking for Rougham Sports Hall, try searching for Bradfield St George.

Q. Can I use the search facility to find more information about the hall?

A. Yes you can search by other pieces of information by using the Advanced Search facility next to the standard search facility at the top. On this page you can search using a set of pre-defined fields that are in the system. For example if you are looking for a hall in Bury St Edmunds with Internet access then you would type in “bury st edmunds” in the place field and tick the “Internet Access” field and click “Search”

Q. What information can I find out about the hall?

A. The information on each of the hall pages depends on what the registered administrator of the hall wants to have on their page. In theory, you can find out the address of the hall, contact details for the clerk, a description of the hall, pictures of the hall, activities that go on in the hall in a regular basis and a calendar/event booking system that can tell you when the hall is currently booked up.

Q. I am a clerk and wish to register our hall onto the website

A. Please Click here and fill in your details in the relevant section. Once we receive this we will process your request and put you onto the system

For Registered Members


As registered members you can edit all the information you see on the page regarding that specific hall. There are 6 main editing sections, these are listed below.

  1. Edit Contact Info
  2. Edit Description
  3. Add Photos
  4. Add/Edit Events
  5. Edit Facilities
  6. Edit Activities


To edit the information on a hall you will need a login to the site which if you have requested one then you should have received this. To login, click login on the menu and the input your username and password and click login. You will be taken straight to your hall profile page.

From here to edit any of the particular sections you simply click onto the grey links under the sections and then edit the information you want to edit. We won’t detail every section here but those that we feel need particular information.

Images Section

It is worth mentioning that the picture uploading section doesn’t require any image editing by the user. Our system resizes the image completely to the thumbnail and larger sizes that are displayed on the site.

Events & Bookings

The idea of the events and bookings calendar is that halls can record what events and bookings they have so users using the website can easily see what dates and times are available. Bookings made will make the day in the calendar appear in bold. To add an event simply click the “add event” button and then fill in all the relevant information into the form. You can make an event a weekly recurring event by ticking the “weekly” box. On completion simply click the “submit” button.


To add facilities to your page, click the “edit facilities” button and then add your facility name and ensure that you add a semi-colon at the end. This will then appear in your facilities list.


The activities section works very much in the same way as the edit facilities button, that was described above.

Settings Page

One other page that as a registered member you have access to is the “settings” page. This page enables you to activate or deactivate applications such as the calendar. This is so that users who don’t wish to have this visible to user are able to turn it off.

Also on here you can choose what information about the hall is visible to those people who use the advanced search facility. This is very important if you want members of the public to find your website using this advanced search facility.

For example, if your hall has a stage and a kitchen and you want users to be able to see this when searching simply tick the relevant boxes and click update.